Transparent Intellectual Property Management

Strategic IP management is hard.
Patent Cockpit makes it easy.

Manage your IP portfolio in the cloud.
Gain a transparent view on your porfolio.
Speed up routine tasks and save time and money doing so.

Just like the big players do.

Patent Cockpit Iso

Delightful IP management

Find easy-to-use solutions for all outstanding tasks of IP management.

Get a clear overview of your IP portfolio and its value. See at once where you have which patents. And easily extract any information you need to know about your portfolio.
Understand your IP portfolio

Track which patents cover which inventions in which products. Become confident that your products and markets are protected. And detect your useless patents immediately.
Protect your products

Comply to German laws with Invention Disclosures. Track inventions across your organization and make sure your inventors get the credit they deserve.
Invention Disclosures

Plan your budget with Forecasting. See how much you spend on IP and how much you can expect to spend in the future. Make informed decisions about your IP strategy.
Forecast your costs
Desk with IP Manager looking at patents

Why should only large corporations have sophisticated IP management tools?

Frustrated with the lack of strategic IP management solutions,
we've developed a sophisticated solution that makes your work so much easier.

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Do more faster

Let technology help you with your everyday tasks.

Research and Development

Show management the fruits of your R&D

Neatly show how R&D contributes to the company's success. Transform IP from a cost center to a value center.

Research and Development

IP Strategy

Align business and IP strategy with informed decisions

Evaluate your IP Portfolio and gain a competitive advantage by allocating resources to the right projects

IP Strategy

Data Wizard

Create reports with a single click

With the data wizard you can extract any data you want in any form you need. Save queries to create frequent reports with a single click.

Data Wizard

Get started today

It’s time to take control of your IP portfolio.
Supercharge your IP strategy.
And save time and money doing so.

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  • 1 Team with 2 users
  • All features
  • 1-3 patent families

240 / month


  • 1 Team with unlimited users
  • All features
  • 4-2000 patent families

480 / month


  • 1 Team with unlimited users
  • All features
  • 2000+ patent families
  • 10h special support
Excl. taxes. In CHF/EUR/USD as desired.

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