About Us

Why does the Patent Cockpit exist?

Frustrated with the lack of strategic IP management solutions, we picked it up ourselves to create the solution we needed in our daily business. With Patent Cockpit, IP managers can have a delightful working day and managers can finally understand their IP portfolio.

The people behind Patent Cockpit

  • Bas Albers


    Bas graduated from the TU Delft (NL) in Applied Physics and at first developed 2D and 3D camera-based sensors. During this time, he came in contact with IP management. He then became a full-time IP manager and has since rolled out the IP strategy for more than 10 companies.

  • Noah Bieler


    Noah has a PhD in Chemistry and a CAS in Machine Learning from the ETH Zurich. He worked as a Data Scientist and Quant Developer for various companies in Zurich. He has a long track record of bringing portfolio management tools and digital regulatory services to production.


There is currently no open position available but feel free to send in a blind application.