Get back into the driver’s seat
of your IP portfolio

With Patent Cockpit, bring transparency back to your IP,
the cornerstone of your business.
See in an instant which of your patents are valuable and
which are just draining your money.
Patent Cockpit Iso
Grasp your IP portfolio and how it connects to the rest of your business.
Keep valuable IP know-how centralized and imperishable.
Save up to 20% of your time and money.

Does your IP protect your products, markets and revenues?

Is the budget for R&D allocated in the right way?
Is all the know-how of your IP portfolio up-to-date?
Is your IP know-how spread across your company? Or even between your patent attorneys?
What if your IP manager is knocked out? Who else knows what is going on?

As the leader of your company, you deserve the full view of the most crucial part of your balance sheet.

Why Patent Cockpit?

Our years of experience has taught us one thing — a better understanding of the IP portfolio leads to better strategic decisions and more peace of mind for those in charge.

Since IP is your most valuable asset, we ensure that your data is safe and well-protected on a secure Swiss data cloud in line with Swiss and European data laws.

Digitalize your IP portfolio

The Patent Cockpit has a calm and beautifully crafted user interface. Focus on the critical things of your IP portfolio and how it connects to your company's success. As it is a cloud-based web app, your IP stakeholders can collaborate seamlessly.

Easily see which patents protect your core markets and which are dragging your bottom line down. Discover the countries where you have a strong presence and where you do not.

3 simple steps to gain back control over your IP portfolio

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Our Promise to You

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What is included?

  • With Patent Cockpit, you are put back in the driver’s seat in all things regarding IP.
  • Bullet-proof your IP portfolio by collecting all you IP-related information in a central place
  • Foster collaboration between all your stakeholders: patent attorneys, research department and IP managers.
  • Take back control over your IP portfolio.


A fitting price for each size.

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