Delightful IP Management

Effortlessly track your IP rights, create reports and
capture all IP-related know-how in a central place.

Manage your IP portfolio in the cloud with Patent Cockpit.

Patent Cockpit Iso
Your IP knowledge is at your fingertips.
Show management the value of your work.
Track innovations across your company.

IP Management contains many tedious and ungrateful tasks

Creating reports for management is tedious.
Tracking the relationship between products and patents is painful.
It's easier to evaluate patents with the correct information.
What is protected where by which patent?
Tracking the due dates of the German invention disclosure law takes time and effort.
Synchronizing various excel sheets from different patent attorneys is error-prone.

Most IP tools are built for patent attorneys.
IP managers deserve an easy-to-use tool
that is tailored to their needs and requirements.

Why Patent Cockpit?

We use Patent Cockpit every day for IP management.
So we understand what IP managers need.

Patent Cockpit was built with the highest security standards in mind. Your data belongs only to you and is securely saved on a Swiss data cloud adhering to the strict Swiss und European data laws.

For IP Managers

Much design work has been put into crafting a user interface with a relaxed look, and ergonomic process flows. Whether you need show a high-level view for management or whether you need to dig into the fine details of a patent, the Patent Cockpit lets you seamlessly do your work.

Analyzing your IP portfolio becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to outdated excel sheets.

Reach delightful IP management in 3 steps

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Import your portfolio

Import your patent portfolio from an excel sheet or EPO.
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Be delighted

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Our Promise to You

You can try out Patent Cockpit for free for 30 days.
No strings attached.
Your data is safe with us. If you are no longer happy with Patent Cockpit, we will delete everything related to you from our servers.
If you need any help, let us know. We are happy when you are happy.

What is included?

  • A team license to let you collaborate with other stakeholders on the IP portfolio.
  • A Data Wizard that lets you swiftly create any desired required report for management.
  • Improved efficiency will save you at least 20% of your time and money.
  • Smoother workflow to comply with the German Invention Disclosure law.


A fitting price for each size.

Start Up


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    • IP Families (1 – 3)

Scale Up


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    • IP Families (4 – 20)
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    • Optional Setup Package (1'000.–)



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    • IP Families (21 – 200)
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    • Optional Setup Package (2'000.–)



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    • IP Families (201+)
    • Direct Support
    • Optional Setup Package (3'000.–)

Excl. taxes. In CHF/EUR/USD as desired.

Monthly pricing is available with surcharge.

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