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Patent Cockpit Iso
Make your clients understand your work and how it benefits their business.
Create insightful reports quicker and complete tedious tasks faster.
Serve your clients with the professional tools they deserve.

The quality of your service determines the success of your service-based firm

Enable clients to judge the importance of a patent for their product offering.
Track all the know-how that helps clients understand their IP portfolio.
Create recurring reports like patent-product mappings with the press of a button.
Enable your clients to make the right strategic decisions with the correct information.

We believe you and your clients deserve the best tool for IP management.

Why Patent Cockpit?

Years of experience in IP management taught us that good communication between the stakeholders is the key to a successful IP strategy. If you guide the communication between stakeholders, you will become invaluable to the success of their business.

Your clients trust you with their data. So, integrity and safety are our greatest concerns. We follow the strict Swiss and European data laws and keep all the data on a secure Swiss data cloud.

Become a strategic sparring partner

Numerous tools are available to help you in your daily business as a patent attorney. There are tools for researching patents and docketing tools that allows you to save pure patent-related data. However, only with Patent Cockpit can you integrate your IP expertise with the relevant data for your clients and become a strategic sparring partner to them.

With Patent Cockpit, you can track the important data about patents, inventions and products and their relationship among each other. Thus, you gain a proper understanding of your client’s IP portfolio. And now you can communicate efficiently with them about the necessary next steps.

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What is included?

  • With Patent Cockpit, you can serve your clients the way they deserve it in the 21st century.
  • Capture and exchange knowledge with your clients in a single golden source of truth.
  • Quickly extract patent-product mapping to create patent markings for the US.
  • Use Patent Cockpit to track innovations for your clients and make sure that they comply with the German Invention Disclosure Laws.
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