Patent Cockpit's Features

Patent Cockpit adds convenience, and it saves you time and money.
Find out how.

Enjoy working

A simple and delightful user interface

A lot of effort has been put into designing a beautiful user interface — turing mundane IP management tasks into delightful ones.

A global filtering and search bar lets you quickly find any patent you want.

Capture the patent's claims and highlight the most important points.

Comply to German laws

Track your employees' invention disclosures

Keeping track of inventions is difficult, especially in Germany, where the law requires you to track your employees' inventions and compensate them accordingly.

Patent Cockpit tracks all due dates and steps of the process so you won't forget anything.

Protect your products

Product Patent Mapping

Patents must protect your main markets. You can instantly see which patents protect your most relevant products. And which patents aren't useful at all.

Make informed decisions

Valuate your IP portfolio (DIN 77100)

Valuate your IP portfolio (DIN 77100)

Do you want to know which ones are your valuable patents? Evaluate your patents according to DIN 77100 and separate your cash cows from your poor dogs.

Well-deserved safety for your data



Your data in the cloud deserves the highest standards of security:

  • Communication runs over encrypted channels (HTTPS/SSL).
  • Passwords are not stored in plain text.
  • Your data is hosted and backed up in a certified Swiss cloud.
  • Role-based privileges for different users.
  • All Swiss Privacy and Data Security Laws apply.

Check the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions to find out more.

Let's talk with each other



We connect to the European Patent Office (EPO). Import any data from there with a single click.

Or do you currently abuse Excel as a IP portfolio management tool? Time to upload your data to Patent Cockpit and profit.

Do you have more complex wishes? Connect to our REST API and gain the full control.